About Us

We often get asked what does the name mean? Why 13Lives? It refers to a new start, a new beginning and living your best new life. 

13Lives is a fresh brand to the supplement industry. We are proud to be industry veterans who have served many years across multiple high-profile companies, built recognizable brands and have been on the forefront of some of the most iconic names in your supplement cupboard.

Our ideas and creativity from branding and product development always fell on deaf ears. We were struggling to be in the same cycle. The same type of product, the same feel.


We set out to create something that would elicit emotion, something that would make people feel connected to a supplement brand again. We set out to create a new and creative brand with innovation at the forefront. With next generation formulas and hand drawn artwork, we embarked on the journey that is 13Lives.

Who We Are

The Directors, a husband-and-wife team were both immigrants that came to Australia as children. Coming from extremely poor families, having refugee status, and growing up in the public housing system was a challenge both financially and psychologically.

Despite the hardships they both sought higher education in the fields of psychology and nursing and endeavored to build a better life, and to live their best life. Taking the grit and determination that they built over the years, they poured their time and knowledge into creating a totally unique experience which is known as 13Lives.

The Art

Our vision was to blend creative vision and sports nutrition into one amazing harmonious package.

We love the expression of self. If your art if creating a better more positive body image, or if it is creating some amazing vision on a canvas, we wanted to showcase and support it! All our art is hand drawn and has a personal story behind its creation.

Each label can take anywhere up to 6 months to finetune and design, then turn into what you see today. We wanted to have a human experience when someone looks at our products.

Supporting the community

Having firsthand experiencing the hardships of poverty and seeing what it can do to children as well as what paths it may lead to, we are the first to create a unique pathway to help kids on the street who have artistic talent.

We will be hosting a competition every year for a unique label design which will feature the winning artist. We will also mint the first label design and hard copy as a NFT and Auction it off. The proceeds of the auction will go towards the artist and a charity which focuses on community development and support of children.

Furthermore, a portion of profits made from sales will also go towards charity. The artist will be promoted across all our social media channels and partner stores social channels, which will give them a platform to not only fuel their passion and creativity but also financial stability.

We will have a dedicated page with additional information in mid-late 2021.